A medium-ranged one-handed weapon with medium damage.


  • Offensive Ability 3 (+1, +1, +1, +1, +1)
  • Attack Speed 10

Special Move

Parry: Avatar will raise the sword into a parry position. If you are attacked with a physical attack at this moment, your avatar will deflect the hit, causing no damage. Your avatar can then quickly counterattack after a successful block, dealing twice as much damage as its normal attack.

Players can hold [Shift + Space] to keep the parry position and wait for a successful block.

Damage = 2 times (Offensive Ability)


  • The word Parry is defined as an act of deflecting or blocking an incoming attack.
  • The Long Sword is one of the more balanced weapon classes in the game.
  • Players can parry attacks without a shield.
  • Magical shields (e.g., Storm Shield, Nemesis Shield, Shield of Misfortune) can be used to block elemental attacks, depending on the shield's preference, during a parry.
  • Keep in mind that if you're using parry with a magical shield the shield will NOT deal magic damage upon blocking successfully; you must use the Block function ([Z] key) to use the magical shield's offensive ability.
  • Parry cannot block the following moves: Great Sword Special Attack, War Hammer Special Attack

Weapon List

Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Bronze Long Sword Bronze Long Sword 10 Copper


Special: 6

High Bronze Long Sword High Bronze Long Sword 5 Bronze Long Swords


Special: 8

Zoa Bronze Long Sword Zoa Bronze Long Sword 5 High Bronze Long Swords


Special: 10

Giga Bronze Long Sword Giga Bronze Long Sword 5 Zoa Bronze Long Swords


Special: 12

HolyBronzeSword Holy Bronze Long Sword 5 Giga Bronze Long Swords


Special: 14

Expert Swordsman
Paragon Bronze Long Sword Paragon Bronze Long Sword 5 Holy Bronze Long Swords


Special: 16

Holy Swordsman