Candy Cane


Christmas candy made in the shape of a shepherds cane. It is striped red for the blood of redemption and white for purity. Eat it to re-energize.

Dropped By

Items Needed For Synthesis



  • Puppet Guardian: Restores 5 Life Points.
  • Magical Rooms: Restores 50 Life Ponts.

Furniture Synthesis

Candy Cane Furniture
Image Name Primary material Secondary Material
Candy Cane 1 Candy Cane
Patchwork Rug 50 Vagabond Rags 20 Cotton Fabric
10 Candy Cane
2 Red Liquid
2 Green Liquid
Gremlin Doll 5 Black Hole Material 50 Candy Cane
5 Rubber Leather
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