Image Name # of Diamond Points Remarks
Gryphon Statue Gryphon Statue 3
Mysterious Cup Mysterious Cup 1 Spend Diachargex 1 for effect of Holy Water.
Silver Shoes Silver Shoes Title: Dancer
Whirlwind Cloak Whirlwind Cloak Title: Windy
Starlit Hat Starlit Hat Title: Starlit
Moonlit Dress Moonlit Dress Title: Moonlit
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield Title: Reflective
Silver Sparkle Helmet Silver Sparkle Helmet Title: Silver
Silver Sparkle Sword Silver Sparkle Sword 1

Offensive Ability 5
Attack Speed 13
Prevents Monster Regeneration

Silver Sparkle Lance Silver Sparkle Lance 1

Offensive Ability 5
Attack Speed 8
Prevents Monster Regeneration

Ice-draped Axe Ice-draped Axe 1

Offensive Ability 7
Light Attributes 50%
Attack Speed 7
Freeze 5%

Luminescent Light Bow Luminescent Light Bow 1

Offensive Ability 5
Light Attributes 50%
Attack Speed 10
Freeze 10%

White Dragon Ring White Dragon Ring 1 Increase HP 1
Glimmer Ring Glimmer Ring 1 Spend Diachargex 1 to cast a light laser 7 Light damage per hit for 8 hits.

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