This is a list of all the items. Items are presented as cards in-game. There are 5 types of items (also known as cards): Green, Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver Cards. Green Card Items are commonly taken and synthesized items with no rarity though, some items does have rarity even if they are green card items. Red Card Items are items with rarity, they are hard to get and synthesize. Some items however, are not that hard to get/make. Blue Card Items are items with more rarity than red card items. However, some red card items have more rarity than blue card items. Items of this type are usually synthesized, and not taken. Silver Card Items are items that are very hard to get, since they are usually obtained by winning a contest. Some items of this type are gotten without winning a contest, an example of this is the Guardian Silk  which is gotten by participating in one of the final battles with Shasura. Gold Card Items are items that plays an important role in the storyline of Puppet Guardian. There is currently 1 gold card item in the game, it's the Shasurean Magic Mirror .

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