NPC only seen during Christmas Event times.

These subquests are completely optional. Whether or not one chooses to complete the quests will have no impact on the storyline or oh his/her experience of the game. Some of these quests require you to give up an item.


Name: Chocolat

Location: Celestial Castle

Number of Quests: 5

Hello! My boss wants me to give presents to everyone I meet, but I didn't think I'd meet so many people, and ran out of things to give. However, if you were to go collect some materials for me, I'll be able to give you a present! If you were to bring me an Ofanim Flight, I can make you a wonderful pair of boots.

Reward: Christmas Elf Boots

There are still more presents to be given. If you bring me a Pure White Bauble, I'll make you an excellent scarf.

Reward: Christmas Elf Scarf

Next, if I could have you bring me a Seraph Feather, I could make you a great coat.

Reward: Christmas Elf Coat

Next, if you were to bring me an Angel Flight, I could craft you a marvelous hood.

Reward: Christmas Elf Hood

And now for your final present! I will make you a glorious cape if you bring me an Angel Feather.

Reward: Christmas Elf Cape

Reward: Christmas Elf Boots (green version)

Reward: Christmas Elf Scarf (green version)

Reward: Christmas Elf Coat (green version)

Reward: Christmas Elf Hood (green version)

Reward: Christmas Elf Cape (green version)

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