Since the wiki is not done, this is a item guide to - since it does not give details on where items are, but has lots of info. Don't always take info from the catalog to use in this wiki, since names and synthesis may not be 100% accurate.

Contributions to this index would be nice. No need to include everything, I am just putting the big sets here.

Blahlala 00:44, January 12, 2011 (UTC)

Page # Set name,catetogry Primary Material Name Image Comments
1 Basic Items Limestone, Timber
2 Carpets WoolHemp, different colored Liquids
3 Books, Scrolls Pulp
4 Observatory, Maps, Armors, Jewelry Pulp, Steel, Rings, Necklaces

Wooden Furniture

Various Nautical Items

Timber, Black Wood
6 Various Items (jars and bottles, cloth screens, sofas, baskets)
7 Kitchen Items, Wine Cellar, Bottles.
8 Antique Set Timber, Lacquer

Painting Tools, Decorative Plates, Witch's Cottage Decor

Limestone, Brick, Clay
10 Armory Helmets, Swords, Shields
11 Ruins Set Gargoyle Stone
12 Oldbranch Set 1 Ent Bark, Ent Trunk
13 Aged Set Mimetic Bark , Mimetic Branch
14 Dark Set Gorgon Stone, Clay
15 Natural Set Dryad Bark
16 Leopard Set, Rubber Dolls Leopard Fur, Rubber Leather
17 Colorful Set - (Light Brown) Timber
18 Colorful Set - (Blue) Timber
19 Colorful Set - (Red) Timber
20 Colorful Set - (Grey) Timber
21 Colorful Set - (Green) Timber
22 Country Set, Fluffy Set, Cushions Black Wood , Wool
23 Country Set Black Wood, Ent Bulb , Oak , Wool
24 Flooring + Floor Raisers Limestone
25 Brick Set Brick
26 Clay Set Clay
27 Gates, Grass Brick , Timber , Ent Bulb
28 Stone Set Gargoyle Stone
29 White Dragon Set - (Black) Dragon Bone/Fang
30 White Dragon Set - (White) Dragon Bone/Fang
31 Dragon Leather Set - (Blue) Dragon Wing, Winged Dragon Tail, Winged Dragon Leather
32 Dragon Leather Set - (Green)
33 Dragon Leather Set - (Purple)
34 Dragon Leather Set - (Red)
35 Crocodile Leather Set, Boots Timber , Mimetic Bark
36 Flooring Timber, Gargoyle Stone, Brick
37 Dark Set, Scale Carpets, Ladders, Stairs Mimetic Bark, Dragon Leather
38 Teddy Bears, Rubber Dolls
39 Brick Set Brick
40 Labratory Set, Mirror World set
41 Labratory and Mirror World - Floor Stands
42 Laboratory Items, Potions Succubus Blood
43 Dark Set - (Demon Crystal) Demon Crystal, Demon Cloth
44 White Dragon Set - (Blue) Dragon Fang/Bone, Mammal Scales
45 White Dragon Set - (Purple) Dragon Fang/Bone, Scales of the Basilisk
46 White Dragon Set - (Orange) Dragon Fang/Bone, Salamander Scales

Dragon Hide Stairs, Goblin Set, Beast Bed, Bamboo Set

Winged Dragon Tail, Bat Wings, Magical Spark, Hard Piece, Hemp, Banana Stalk
48 Rubber Dolls Rubber Leather
49 Ladders, Windows Timber
50 Halloween Event Furniture Pumpkin, Gossamer
51 White Marble Flooring Marble
52 Black Marble Flooring Marble + Gorgon Stone
53 Christmas Event Furniture Star Fragment, Black Hole Material, Candy Cane
54 Snow Patches, Ice Set Ice Powder, Ice Scale
55 Wallpapers Pulp
56 4x4 Flooring Timber
57 Poppies, Rubber Dolls Sleep Grass
58 Dresses, Straw Hats, New Building Items Black Wood, Ent Bark, Gorgon Stone
59 Plants, Sand Floor Ent Bulb, Ent Base, Sand of Stars
60 Fur Mats, Fur Racks Furs, Phantom Beast Bone
61 Skulls, Bones Big Bone, Large Skull, Red Dragon Skull
62 White Stone, Laboratory and Mirror World Blocks, Walls, Stairs Limestone, Black Wood, Demon Crystal
63 Laboratory and Mirror World Floorings Illusion Ore, Crystal, Timber
64 Chests Thief Charm
65 Iron Synthesis, Devil Set Iron, Bat Wings
66 Full Moon Wallpaper Candle of Darkness
67 Doors Heavy Timber
68 Autumn Lawn, Ivy Ent Bulb
69 Christmas Items, Chess Pieces
70 Legendary Dragon Items
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