What is Magical Rooms?

Magical Rooms is a free online game that allows players to create and customize their own rooms. These rooms can be decorated with items that players obtain in the game.Players can gain items and furniture by defeating monsters that invade their rooms.

Magical Rooms can be played alone, but players also have the option to use doors that connect to the rooms of others and play together with them. You can even team up with other players to fight monsters.

Items gained while playing Magical Rooms can be used in other Mirror Realms games. At the time being, Puppet Guardian is the only game that supports this feature. However, items obtained while playing Puppet Guardian can be used in Magical Rooms as well.

How to play Magical Rooms

What's on the screen?

File:Getting Started 1.png


After clicking this, an Item Window will open. You can confirm two things (1) which items you are currently wearing or using and (2) the materials you have collected up to this point.


Clicking this will show a list of "squires" you have.


Opens a list of the furniture you have in your possession.


Clicking this will show the connection status of your doors.


Opens the Friends window. Here, you can send friend requests and approve ones that you receive.


Your character's name.


Your current level in the game. Reach the next level by gaining EXP.


Shows your progress to the next level. Kill monsters to earn experience.

File:Getting Started 2.png


The current amount of HP (Hit Points) you have. If your HP reaches 0, you are "downed". HP regenerates over time.


The current amount of MP (Magic Points) you have. If your MP reaches 0, you will not be able to cast spells. MP regenerates over time.


Your Stamina points. Stamina increases when you level up. Your total HP is increased by 10 for every Stamina point you have.

Intellect (Intelligence)

Your Intelligence points. Intelligence increases when you level up. Your total MP is increased by 1 for every Intelligence point you have.


Your Strength points. Strength increases when you level up. Damage you deal to monsters increases as gain more Strength points.


The number of squires you have. Maximum of 3 for each room.


The number of rooms you currently own. Your first room is free, and each additional room costs 45G.


Clicking this moves your character back to your own home. If you have multiple rooms, you may choose which one to go to.

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