Location: Royal Palace of Splendor Mythos
Number of Quests: 76 (Currently Available: 61)
Overall Difficulty: Medium

Cave of Trials & Mangool, the Dark Forest

Quest 1

My name is "Morias." I am the king of this land, Splendor Mythos. You must prove your worth to become a citizen of this city. Enter the Cave of Trials and defeat a single fire ghost. Be warned, you cannot defeat a Fire Ghost with a normal weapon. Defeat the ghost and we will acknowledge your skill and welcome you as a member of Splendor Mythos.

Defeat 1 Fire Ghost in Stage 10.

Reward: Unare Fireball Spell (Xap: Gunpowder)

Quest 2

Have you tried to use the "Fireball" spell you learned? The secrets of Splendor Mythos can only be used near the city. I can explain the reason for this when there's more time. For now, let us give you some practice with your new magic.

Go back to the Cave of Trials and defeat five of Fungus monsters. However, you will find that simply defeating them is not enough. You must defeat each monster with a Fireball spell. Until the final blow, you may use any attack you please, but the Fungus must fall from the effect of the spell. The Fungus looks like a mushroom with an orange umbrella, and you can find them wandering about the dark forest Mangool.

Inside the Cave of Trials, open your map and locate the entrance to the dark forest Mangool. They hate fire so make use of your fireball to defeat them.

Defeat 5 Fungi in Stage 11 with the Unare Fireball spell (Xap: Gunpowder).

Reward: Hotobashire Lightning Spell (Xap: Straw)

Quest 3

It is time for you to practice your Lightning Bolt spell. Return to the Cave of Trials, and defeat 10 Ectoplasm monsters with its power. Ectoplasms are green greasy slimes who dwell in the upper levels of the cave. They hate electricity, so a lightning bolt should give them a most unwelcome zap!

Defeat 10 Ectoplasms in Stage 10 with the Hotobashire Lightning spell (Xap: Straw).

Reward: Unare Flame Spell (Xap: Magical Spark)

Quest 4

Our Magic Laboratory has a very important problem to solve for the safety of the Splendor Mythos. The Lab needs liquid metal for their research. So, we want you to help by making a piece of liquid metal and bringing it here.

Liquid metal can be synthesized using the jelly obtained from an Ectoplasm. You can either find it in the wild or buy it from the market. Once you have the liquid metal, make it visible in your Item Window, then come show it to me.

Those who do good work for our kingdom will be added to our exclusive "Legion of the Two-headed Lion". This society is a legion of magicians working directly for myself, the king. We are all counting on you.

Bring 1 Liquid Metal.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Boots

Quest 5

Let's give you your first work as a member of the Legion of the Two-headed Lion. Enter the Cave of Trials and defeat 10 Giant Spiders! You must make sure that no spider eggs remain, and the only way to do this is finish each of the monstrous arachnids with a Flame Spell.

The magical army of Splendor Mythos is continuing our exploration of the cave of trials; but with so many powerful beasts to contend with, it is tough going indeed. Especially menacing are these spiders, with their voracious appetite. So once again we are depending on you!

By the way, have you encountered the monster called the Fenrir in the caves? This ravenous beast resembles a giant wolf. If you see it, immediately flee! We don't know much about the Fenrir yet, but we do know that it is much too dangerous to fight!

Defeat 10 Giant Spiders in Stage 11 with the Unare Flame spell (Xap: Magical Spark).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Pants

Quest 6

Have you ever seen the monster called Ipiria? It lives in the depths of Mangool, the dark forest. It is told that this legendary beast can call down a poisonous rain from the clouds. I need you to defeat the Ipiria as soon as possible to prevent him calling down more poison on our land.

Collect dice in the Cave of Trials, and then use them carefully to travel into the deepest part of the dark forest. There you will find your foe. The Ipiria's weakness is lightning so you must chant the lightning bolt spell that you mastered earlier in your quest to defeat the Ectoplasm. When you have defeated the Ipiria, return to me.

Defeat Ipiria in Stage 11 with the Hotobashire Lightning spell (Xap: Straw).

Reward: Hirameke Force Spell (Xap: Crystal)

Quest 7

Now I have a request that comes directly to you from the wizards in our Magical Laboratory. They need you to obtain Magical Powder. This powder can be created with mushroom spores taken from the Fungus monster. Once you create the Magical Powder, put it among the items in your item window, and then show it to me.

Bring 1 Magical Powder.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Robe

Quest 8

Greetings my loyal friend. Once again I ask that you find your way to the deepest parts of Mangool to seek the Ipiria. Defeat that beast and you will find the Tears of the Spirits. These are rare and fragile things, so gathering them will no doubt be very difficult. But you must not allow that to become a discouragement.

Do you remember the weakness of the Ipiria? It is lightning, so do not hesitate to use the lightning magic you have learned. Once you have the tears, place them among your items and quickly return to me.

Bring 1 Tears of the Spirits.

Reward: Sapphire Fragment

Quest 9

Currently, the Magical Laboratory is trying to discover how to advance deeper into the Cave of Trials. One obstacle we have uncovered is the beast Fenrir, who inhabits an area near the mouth of the cave. In order to learn how to defeat this creature, we will need materials to make Magic Rope. These materials must have a special reanimating power. Troll Fur has such power.

Your quest is to bring a section of this rope for our Wizards in the Lab to use. Once you have braided a section of Magic Rope and put it in your item window, come back to me.

As you know, massive Trolls with abundant fur patrol the lower reaches of the Cave. Collect their fur to braid your section of rope. Be advised, the beasts have the power to immediately heal any wound they sustain. Fortunately wounds and burns caused by fire interfere with this unique power. So you must attack them full force with a fire weapon or spell before they have a chance to regenerate!

Bring 1 Magical Rope.

Reward: Hotobashire Zap Spell (Xap: Powdery Scales)

Quest 10

You are getting closer to mastering the magic needed to tackle the most difficult of assignments: Fenrir the giant wolf monster. As you know, that beast has come to inhibit the Cave of Trials. Recently our Wizards from Magic Laboratory have learned a little about Fenrir's wretched ways.

Only highly experienced members of the Legion of the Two-headed Lion who have mastered the Magic of Light and the Magic of Water stand a chance against Fenrir. But for you, a youthful apprentice, to try against that beast would be too dangerous. You must first train in the Art of Light Magic using a Zap Surge spell. You'll be ready when you stop the attacks of twenty trolls with this spell. So that is your training mission.

Defeat 20 Trolls in Stage 10 with the Hirameke Force spell (Xap: Crystal).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Hat

Quest 11

Defeat 5 Giant Crabs in Stage 10 with the Hotobashire Lightning spell (Xap: Straw).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Shoes

Underground Kingdom

Quest 12

Few days ago we discovered the Underground Kingdom within the Cave of Trials. Magical Laboratory of this land believes that the Underground Kingdom may be our old Capital, destroyed many hundreds of years ago and that the golems that were built all those years ago continue to protect the Capital. If we are to continue with the exploration, we need to know their weakness. Defeat one of the smallest golems for me.

Defeat 1 Small-sized Iron Golem in Stage 12.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Culottes

Quest 13

The research conducted by the Magical Laboratory shows that golems in the Underground Kingdom are weak to water magic. Apparently they are weak to nature magic as well. Your next task is to defeat 10 medium-sized golems. There are a few ways to kill them, but if you exploit their weakness then the task will be much easier.

Defeat 10 Medium-sized Iron Golems in Stage 12.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Skirt

Quest 14

We know now that the golems of the Underground Kingdom are made of an unknown metal. I'd like to know if we can adapt this metal for use for the weapons for my land. If you wouldn't mind, could you create a shield using the metal that these golems drop? If you complete this task, I will teach you a new spell.

Bring 1 Rusty Shield.

Reward: Ideyo Tornado spell (Xap: Down)

Quest 15

Now practice your new spell. Go into the Underground Kingdom and use your new spell to defeat 5 large golems. They are weak to nature magic, so the spell should work perfectly.

Defeat 5 Large-sized Iron Golems in Stage 12 with the Ideyo Tornado spell (Xap: Down ).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Shirt

Quest 16

In the Underground Kingdom, you can encounter the spirits of former citizens wandering about. Furthermore, it appears that they are unaffected by normal attacks. As a result, research by the Magical laboratory has stalled once again. Your next task is to defeat 10 of these spirits. Please find what sort of attack is effective against them.

Defeat 10 Dwarf Ghosts in Stage 12.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Cape

Quest 17

Earlier, the shield you crafted form the unknown metal hasn't been successfully adopted in these lands. Perhaps we require further research into it. At times, the spirits in the Underground Kingdom drop an ore called "Secret Ore". If you happen to come across some, please bring it to me.

Bring 1 Secret Ore.

Reward: Ruby Fragment

Quest 18

We've discovered a massive golem in the heart of the Underground Kingdom. I'm sure you must have encountered it at some point, with your many travels into their land. This golem is different from the others. We'd like to research it, so once it's been defeated, come back to me. Once you've done so, I will teach you a new spell.

Defeat the Gigantic Golem in Stage 12.

Reward: Ugomeke Shadow spell (Xap: Demon Crystal )

Quest 19

Research has moved forward on the huge golem. We've found that it is made of very fine parts that we cannot recreate. Furthermore, due to its ability to absorb electricity, it is a formidable foe. However, we need to know more about its inner workings. I must ask you once again take the Gigantic Golem on, and this time take his heart. All the answers must lie with it.

Bring 1 Golem Heart.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Cap

Quest 20

We're almost there. We're capable of building weapons with the rusted metal pieces that can be obtained from the Gigantic Golem, but the heart of the golem can further strengthen the weapons that get created. I need you to create a "Golem Shield". To do so, gather the rusted metal pieces to turn them into rusted metal. Strengthen the metal and this will allow you to create the shield.

Bring 1 Golem Armor.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Apprentice Cap

Cave of Trials [Final]

Quest 21

At last, the time has come to face Fenrir. As you already know, light and water are his weaknesses. Use Surge and bring him down! You might want to fight with a team or animals you have raised. Once you have hit him with Surge, even just one time, no matter who delivers the final blow after that, count it under your own achievements. But, when he goes down, be sure he is really defeated. Alright now, get going.

Defeat Fenrir in Stage 10 with the Hirameke Force spell (Xap: Crystal).

Reward: Zoisite Fragment

Cave of Trials Second Level

Quest 22

You must go deep into the Cave of Trials, to the area we call the Second Level. Bring back Kobold Ore as evidence.

Bring 1 Kobold Ore.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Shirt

Quest 23

Dragon-like butterflies seem to be a problem in the Second Level. I want you to clear out the Dragon Butterflies that have butterfly-wings. Come back once you have exterminated 20 of them. And also, there's a terrifying sacred horse inside the cave called Sleipnir. Don't even think about touching this one. It's a dangerous creature with many mysteries. Just get away if you come across one.

Defeat 20 Dragon Butterflies in Stage 14.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Pants

Quest 24

This time I want you to exterminate the Giant Lizard. There is, however, a condition. Before you defeat it, you must hit it with Shadow Secret at least once. By doing so, it seems we can suppress their reproductive power. Defeat 10 lizards using this method. Oh, yeah, that's right. There's something I wanted to let you know about. You can gather team mates when you achieve requests. If you do absolutely nothing then it's a different story, but if you cooperate in defeating the enemy, your contribution will be acknowledged. But with requests like this one, it is necessary for you to deal the secret magic.

Defeat 10 Giant Lizards in Stage 13 with the Ugomeke Shadow spell (Xap: Demon Crystal).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Skirt

Quest 25

The magical Laboratory has discovered that a bird called the Cave Moa inside the cave lays an extremely hard egg. I want you to go make a helmet out of that egg and bring it back. I want to research whether it would be useful as equipment.

Bring 1 Blue Egg Helm.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Boots

Quest 26

You seem to be doing quite well. We of the Magical Laboratory have discovered that apparently you can make magical material called Butterfly Bottle from the scales and wings of a Dragon Butterfly. You must make this and bring it to us. Achieve this and I'll teach you new secret magic.

Bring 1 Butterfly Bottle.

Reward: Unare Fire Arrow spell (Xap: Burning Mane)

Quest 27

Let's practice using the Flame Arrow right away. In the Second Level of the Cave of Trial lurks the ancient Dire Wolf. You must defeat it using the Flame Arrow. Clean them out in a hellish fire. Come back when you have defeated 20 Dire Wolves.

Defeat 20 Dire Wolves in Stage 13 with the Unare Fire Arrow spell (Xap: Burning Mane).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Cape

Quest 28

Defeat Sleipnir in Stage 13.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Journeyman Hat

Garden of Slumber

Quest 29

You made it! It seems that an entrance into a place called the Garden of Slumber has been discovered in the Second Layer of the Cave of Trials. Once you reach the garden, I want you to survey the monsters. First, you must defeat the winged, human-like monster calles the Harpy. Report back when you have defeated 10 Harpies. Achieve this and i shall give you an official rank.

Defeat 10 Harpies in Stage 14.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Private Shirt

Quest 30

Here's your next mission. Do listen well. Have you ever caught sight of the Poisonous Moth monster in the Garden of Slumber? Use a weapon with poisonous effect when you finish it off, and apparently there are rare times when it goes down in a poisoned state. When that happens, you should be able to get "Poisonous Moth Powder" from its body. This is precious raw material for magic, from which you can make a powerful "Venom Powder" when collected. This time, I want you to make that Venom Powder and bring it here. I you use weapon with a powerful poison effect, it shouldn't be too hard. I'm counting on you.

Bring 1 Venom Powder.

Reward: Emerald Fragment

Quest 31

For this mission, you will catch a monster and bring it here. We at the Magical Laboratory want to research and solve the mystery of how bat's can fly even in the dark. If we can advance this research, we can probably create an invention which allows us to investigate further into the cave no matter how dark it is. So I want you to go and tame one bat. We can't turn a pet over to laboratory, so I'm counting on you to get a wild bat. First, you must obtain a "Baby Mantis," which is bait for the bat. If you down a Giant Mantis, and at the same time make it sleep,you should be able to get a hold of one. Don't forget to take a weapon with a powerful slumber effect.

Befriend 1 Bat.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Private Pants

Quest 32

It seems that there's a Lady living in the Garden of Slumber. It seems that she's always sleeping, but if anyone gets close she attacks while staying asleep. What a mysterious giant. The Garden of Slumber is a harsh environment for plants, but somehow there's a flowering plant that flourishes. According to the Magical Laboratory, this is from the magic of the sphere called the "Spring Jewel" which the Queen of Slumber holds. This time, I want you to bring back that Spring Jewel for the Magical Laboratory to research. You should be able to obtain it after fighting the Queen of slumber a few times. I'm counting on you!

Bring 1 Spring Jewel.

Reward: Ideyo Acid Spell (Xap: Translucent Jelly)

Quest 33

Have you tried using the secret Acid magic? It seems that other than the Queen in the Garden of Slumber, there also lurks a one-eyed giant. That sort of giant could become a threat to us. So this time, you must test out the power of the secret magic against the Cyclops. Defeat ten of these beasts using Ideyo Acid.

Defeat 10 Cyclops in Stage 14 with the Ideyo Acid spell (Xap: Translucent Jelly).

Reward: 2-Headed Lion Private Honors Medal

Alachool, the Golden River

Quest 34

Hey! It’s good to see you! There apparently has been an entrance to a place called Alachool the Golden River discovered in the Second Level of the Cave of Trials. It appears that Alachool is protected by water, so attacks from opposition with flame attributes will be greatly weakened. I would like you to go there and investigate the monsters. First, I want you to subdue a silver fish monster called a barracuda. When you see a silver fin sticking out from the water, you’ll know it’s a barracuda. Report back when you defeat 10 of them. I shall promise you a promise you a promotion if you complete this task.

Defeat 10 Barracudas in Stage 15.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Clothes

Quest 35

Bring 1 Yellow Oil.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Kilt

Quest 36

Hey! Let’s talk about “that man”, our enemy, a little more. His name is “Maris”. He’s a sly and clever sorcerer. Maris has his sights set on this kingdom. At any rate, he’s a real smooth talker, and he seems to always be increasing his followers. We cannot neglect t strengthen our Legion of the Two Headed Lion. Alright, so now it’s time to train for water in water. You must go to Alachool and defeat and the Giant Angler. It is said that this fish lurks in the mud and mimics the yellow herb. Report back when you have defeated 10 of them.

Defeat 10 Giant Anglerfish in Stage 15.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Gloves

Quest 37

Hey! Let me tell you a little bit about the history of my kingdom. My Splendor Mythos kingdom was built here in the “Haurianna Region” 50 years ago. I am the first and founding King of the kingdom. I have reigned over the Magical Laboratory and the “Legion of the Two-Headed Lion”, the Magic Army, since the rise of my kingdom. I command both. And so I have thus far protected this kingdom from men like Maris. Alright, next I want you to help prepare equipment for my army. In Alachool, it is said that there is a crocodile slightly bigger than normal crocodiles. You must defeat those crocodiles and make a helmet from their scales. Report back once you have made a helmet.

Bring 1 Crocodile Helmet.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Boots

Quest 38

Hey! Next you will train to fight enemies that you can’t see. It seems that a fish called electric eel lives wild in the mud in Alachool. You usually can’t see it when it’s in the mud but when it attacks, it sticks its head comes out from the mud. You must be careful as the eel has an organ called an electric sack which it uses to send out an electrical discharge for intimidation. You must defeat 10 of those eels. To fight an enemy you cannot see, you must know how it moves. Succeed with this training and I shall present you with a new secret. Be off!

Defeat 10 Electric Eels in Stage 15.

Reward: Hotobashire Bolt Spell (Xap: Gigantic Spore)

Quest 39

Have you tried using the secret "Lightning Bolt" magic yet? Alright, so let's start training right away. You must go to Alachool and find the Giant Angler again. They seem to lurk in the water holding bait and attack when something latches on. Try to strike it with Lightning Bolt from a distance. Lightning magic should command tremendous power over creatures that live in water. Report back once you have defeated 5 Giant Anglers.

Defeat 5 Giant Anglerfish in Stage 15 with the Hotobashire Bolt spell (Xap: Gigantic Spore).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Belt

Quest 40

This is the finishing touch of your Lightning Bolt training. There's a monster called a Charybdis in the deepest parts of Alachool. However, you must strike it at least once with a Lightning Bolt before you defeat it. It's difficult to hit a moving target, but you can get it when it's resting. Okay, move out!

Defeat Charybdis in Stage 15 with the Hotobashire Bolt spell (Xap: Gigantic Spore).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Hat

Quest 41

It seems that the secret society that Maris formed has somehow infiltrated deeper than the Second Level of the Cave of Trials. Now listen up, you must be careful with Maris. He may fool you with his clever words, and tempt you into joining his secret society. You must not forget that he’s a sly sorcerer. Alright, we want to further strengthen our equipment. This time I want you to bring back armor that can be made from the Charybdis scales. I’m counting on you.

Bring 1 Charybdis Armor.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Corporal Cloak

Cave of Trials Third Level

Quest 42

Defeat 5 creatures in Cave of Trials Third Level.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Cloak

Quest 43

Now, I would like you to defeat the Killer Ants that can be found in the third level of the Cave of Trials. Due to their hardened shells, they'll be difficult to defeat, but I have faith in your magical abilities. Come back to me once you have defeated 10 of them.

Defeat 10 Killer Ants in Stage 17.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Shirt

Quest 44

There appear to be very poisonous creatures dwelling in the third level of the Cave of Trials. Among them, it seems the Poison Arrow Frog has the most potent poison. I would like you to go defeat them. Once you defeat 10 of them, come back to me.

Defeat 10 Poison Arrow Frogs in Stage 17.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Pants

Quest 45

I have heard that it is possible to obtain a Deadly Venom Bag from the poisonous creatures located in the third level of the Cave of Trials. According to the Magical Laboratory, it should be possible to craft a poison spell with this. Could you go get one for them so they can research this? It is rare, but you should be able to obtain one from Poison Arrow Frogs or Scorpion Men.

Bring 1 Deadly Venom Bag.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Sash

Quest 46

There are a variety of monsters inhabiting the third level of the Cave of Trials, but have you fought the Crust Lizard yet? They can curl up to defend against attacks, or go on the offensive with powerful rolling abilities. They are a dangerous foe. For your training, I would like you to defeat 10 of these foes.

Defeat 10 Crust Lizards in Stage 17.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Boots

Quest 47

Are you familiar with the Frozen Blue Crab that dwells in the third level of the Cave of Trials? It apparently can freeze opponents solid, and I think we can use this property to our advantage. I need you to go investigate. Defeat 10 of these crabs for me, then return here.

Defeat 10 Frozen Blue Crabs in Stage 17.

Reward: Poison Swamp Spell (Xap: Deadly Venom Bag)

Quest 48

I want you to test the effects of the new spell you have learned. I want you to defeat the Crust Lizards in the third level of the Cave of Trials using the Poison Swamp spell. It does not matter how you defeat them as long as you use the spell on them at least once. Defeat 3 of them with the spell and report back to me.

Defeat 3 Crust Lizards in Stage 17 with the Ideyo Miasma spell (Xap: Deadly Venom Bag).

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Cravat

Quest 49

The Scorpion Men of the Cave of Trials Third Level are not only poisonous, but seem to be strong fighters as well. I would like you to test their combat capability. Report back to me when you have defeated 10 of them.

Defeat 10 Scorpion Men in Stage 17.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Headdress

Quest 50

Based on your deeds, I'm starting to get a clear picture of the third level of the Cave of Trials. The level seems to have many tough, armored enemies, so I would like to try experimenting with making armor from materials we can gather from them. I would like you to fashion a shield out of materials gathered from the Crust Lizards. Return to me once you have completed this task.

Bring 1 Crustaceans Shield.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant One-Piece

Quest 51

It seems that even in the third level, there are some monstrous creatures. One of them is Garm, the giant bloodthirsty dog. I want you to defeat this monster for me. I do not know it's weakness yet, but I have faith in you to discover it. I would recommend gathering allies to aid you. Now, go.

Defeat Garm in Stage 17.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Scarf

Quest 52

The Magical Laboratory has discovered Garm's weakness. It seems light and lightning will cause great harm to him. Defeating him should be easier when using a weapon imbued with lightning, light, or freezing properties. I want you to once again defeat Garm, and this time bring me its fang. It seems a powerful weapon can be crafted from the fang. Report back to me once you obtain the fang.

Bring 1 Garm Fang to Morias.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Sergeant Hat

Starlight Cave

Quest 53

Welcome back! In the third level of the Cave of Trials, if you continue passed the entrance you might discover a Starlight Cave. It seems like another world. The walls of the cave glow with starlight and it is a strange habitat for weird creatures. When you have reached this place, I want you to investigate the minerals we might find there. We have heard of something called a Star Stone. It seems to mysteriously glow in the dark.

Bring 1 Star Stone to Morias.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Master Sergeant Hat

Quest 54

In the Cave of Stars, I have heard that there is a rare creature known as Kirin. They're fairly rare, but if you find one I want you to defeat one. Once you have completed this task, return here to me.

Defeat Kirin in Stage 18.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Master Sergeant Chain Mail

Quest 55

In the furthest reaches of the Cave of Stars, there dwells a creature known as the Hellcat. They are demonic beings of light, but apparently they have within them a sort of heart. We've taken to call these things Soul Spheres, and we'd like you to go obtain one. Once you obtain one, please return it to me.

Bring 1 Soul Sphere to Morias.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Master Sergeant Boots

Quest 56

I believe that you can craft a weapon out of the Star Stones and Obsidian found in the Cave of Stars. Once you have built me a suitable weapon, report back to me.

Bring 1 Starlight Sword to Morias.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Master Sergeant Cape

Land of the Dragons

Quest 57

At last, the duty to infiltrate the Dragon Country, where my old enemy Maris hides. If you manage to infiltrate the Dragon Country, I want you to collect a carnivorous plant named Sarracenia, which grows there wildly. I want to investigate this plant in my magic research because it might be able to be used as a catalyst for magic. If you meet Maris by chance, I will tell you what to do. He is a sly old wizard who will certainly try to confuse and trick you. However, accept his offer daringly. I want you to infiltrate into his secret society and obtain information regarding what this secret society is conspiring. This is a really important duty. Don't let yourself be deceived. If you first bring me the Sarracenia, I promise you a lieutenant commander position.

Bring 1 Sarracenia.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major Coat

Quest 58

It appears that there are a lot of Black Dragons living in the Dragon Country. Among them, there is a large black dragon called the Black Dragon King. I want you to bring me the treasure from his nest. If he is away when you go there, then that is your chance to take it. Otherwise, if he is there guarding the treasure, it will be very difficult to take the it. If you manage to get your hands on the chest with treasure he collected, bring it to me. I am counting on you.

Bring 1 Black Dragon Chest.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major Pants

Quest 59

Have you happened to see the Fairy Dragons living in the Dragon Country? Fairy Dragons aren't strictly dragons, they are closer to reptiles. Their life force is quite something, and I am quite interested in it. I want you to go there and defeat 10 Fairy Dragons and inform me of the results. Fairy Dragons release electricity from their body in order to get their opponents numb, but that is something trivial. As long as you keep your distance and still be able to slightly touch them with the Long Sword, you will be able to slash them safely with the point of your sword.

Defeat 10 Fairy Dragons in Stage 19.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major Skirt

Quest 60

I want to investigate the black dragons living in the Dragon Country. We fear that Maris might be trying to tame the dragons and make them his allies. If the dragons have returned to their nests, I want you to defeat them and report their fighting abilities. If you defeat around 5 Black Dragons, you will be able to get a grasp of their strength.

Defeat 5 Black Dragons in Stage 19.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major Boots

Quest 61

The fighting abilities of the Black Dragons are astounding! If Maris would turn them into his allies and take control, they would become a fearsome army. We can't allow such a thing to happen. I want you to bring down their leader. It is the large dragon called the Black Dragon King, who lives right in the center of the Dragon Country. If you kill him, come and report the result.

Defeat the Towering Black Dragon in Stage 19.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major Beret

Cave of Trials Fourth Level

Quest 62

It seems like the entrance to the fourth level of the Cave of Trials has been found. Just as always, when you enter the fourth level, I want to entrust you with the investigation of the monsters there.

First, I want you to defeat 3 Aruraunes. They are plant-like monsters, they release a pollen that makes you fall asleep so be really careful. If you manage this I promise you a promotion. Well then, go now.

Defeat 3 Aruraune.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Armor

Quest 63

Defeat 5 War Panthers.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Boots

Quest 64

Kill 3 Thunder Birds.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Fold

Quest 65

Defeat 5 War Panthers with Unare Flame.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Armor

Quest 66

Defeat 5 Thunder Birds with Ugomeke Shadow.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Boots

Quest 67

Defeat Nidhogg.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Colonel Fold

Ancient Castle of Darkness

Quest 68

Kill 1 Dancing Sword.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major General Robe

Quest 69

Bring 1 Dancing Edge.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major General Boots

Quest 70

Defeat 5 Dark Knights.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major General Hat

Quest 71

Defeat Dullahan.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Major General Hat

World of Ice

Quest 72

Defeat 5 Ice Golems.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Lieutenant General Tights

Quest 73

Defeat 5 Ice Steeds.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Lieutenant General Boots]

Quest 74

Defeat 5 Crystal Ropers.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Lieutenant General Long Vest

Quest 75

Defeat Ice Queen.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Lieutenant General One-Piece

Quest 76

Bring a Block of Ice.

Reward: 2-headed Lion Lieutenant General Hat

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