Petrify status

Petrification is an abnormal effect which makes an entity motionless and unable to do any useful actions (but pets can still be summoned). It is recognized by a sound played right when it is applied. The affected being is turned gray and a pedestal of stones is formed below the being. While petrified, the entity is immune to hitting, all normal attacks are deflected, but magic passes through. Petrified enemies in Puppet Guardian can be collected, with a decreased chance to get usual items due to a 15% chance to get a Stone as well. Golden weapons are the only way to physically hurt a foe.


  • Any actions except summoning pets are impossible. (See paralysis.)
  • The affected being is immune to everything but magic.
  • In Puppet Guardian, enemies can be collected from with a 15% chance to get a Stone, this is not possible in Magical Rooms.
  • Petrified enemies can be hurt with a golden weapon.

Chance affection

Original Source:[1]
Itempetrify chance at
In the example above, there are normal item and rare item chances.

  • 80% and 20% is a 4 : 1 ratio.

The change when the foe is petrified is that the Stone chance pours in, decreasing both normal and rare item chances.

  • 68% and 17% is a 4 : 1 ratio

The ratio doesn't change, 15% for stone is always the same, fixed value.

Cures and preventions


List of items which cure this abnormal state.
One use



List of items which prevent this abnormal state.
One use

Magical Accessories

Treasure Chest Rings
(Normal 50%, Double 75%, Triple 100%)


List of items, monsters and pets which cause this abnormal state.


One use




Puppet Guardian

Magical Rooms


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