Secret Magics/Spells are spells that can be used without gem power. The substitute for gem power when using this type of magic are xaps which are items that are used for casting secret magics. Secret Magic/Spells can be learnt by finishing quests of NPCs. These spells can only be used within Season 2; casting them in Season 1 will do nothing. To cast these spells, type the incantation of the spell you want to cast and press enter or, click the Magic button and press chant. Please take note that you need xaps to cast these spells, if you don't have any, the chant button will be disabled and if you type it, nothing will happen.

Please note that some of the items and magic are unreleased content. Some of the unreleased contents are unsure or not accurate.

Morias, King of Splender Mythos

Quest Spell Xap Attribute Damage/Effect Description
1 Unare Fireball Gunpowder Rubycharge 40
Sends a fireball in front and explodes, dealing damage on impact.
2 Hotobashire Lightning Straw Tourcharge 4x10 (40)
4.5 seconds)
Unleashes lightning bolts damaging enemies in front you and enemies.
3 Unare Flame Magical Spark Rubycharge 38 Releases a flame that surrounds you and damages enemies.
7 Hiromeke Force Crystal Diacharge 7x8 (56) Unleashes laser-like light force, damages enemies in it's area of effect.
9 Hotobashire Zap Powdery Scales Tourcharge No Damage
15 seconds)
Electric currents are released, paralyzing enemies within area of effect.
14 Ideyo Tornado Down Emecharge 4x10 (40) A tornado hurls forward damaging the enemies within the tornado's area of effect.
18 Ugomeke Shadow Demon Crystal Zoicharge 10x... Unleashes a shadow monster in front of you damaging enemies in a row.
26 Unare Fire Arrow Burning Mane Rubycharge No Damage

Flaming arrows fall from the sky burning enemies within area of effect.

32 Ideyo Acid Translucent Jelly Emecharge 5x8 (40) A pool of acid is created damaging enemies within area of effect.
38 Hotobashire Strike Gigantic Spore Tourcharge 40 A large lightning bolt falls from the sky in front, damaging enemies in the bolt's area of effect.
47 Ideyo Miasma Deadly Venom Bag Emecharge ?...
A poisonous swamp is created in front dealing continuous damage over time.

Maris the Prophet

Quest Spell Xap Attribute Damage/Effect Description
3 Todoroke Stream Blue Herbs Sapmagic 20x2 (40) Throws small balls of water that hurls in front and damages enemies that are hit. (?)
4 Todoroke Dense Fog (?) LycanThropeClaw Sapmagic 10x...
(+Sleep) (?)
Generates a sleepy fog and damages the enemies.
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