Sleep status

Sleep is an abnormal effect which makes an entity fall asleep in drowsiness. It is recognized by bubbles of multiple sizes flying up from the entity, and the affected being actually falling down. The affected being cannot move, attack, or use items as with Paralyze and Petrify. However, the being wakes up when something damages it. There is a special rule, the affected being cannot be restored from sleeping the first 3 seconds from the beginning of the abnormal state, after 3 seconds have passed, the next hit wakes up the affected being, still, other puppets can throw a Snow Ball at the affected being, this works at monsters, too. Effective for using weapons which do a lot of damage in one hit, there are three exceptions where the being won't wake up: When the attack does no damage (Poison Lizard hit / protected an elemental attack with a necklace), Gold Scale, and Rem Whip. When the affected being is left intact, the Sleep duration can be quite long. The toughest form of Sleep is most likely continuous damage periods with it, see Dragon Butterfly and Tussock Moth.


  • Sudden drowsiness, the affected being falls asleep.
  • Cannot do anything other than summon pets.
  • Cannot be restored from the sleeping the first 3 seconds from the moment when it started.
  • Awaken by a damaging hit after 3 seconds have passed.

Cures, Preventions, & Causers

List of items which cure this abnormal state:


One-time Use



One-time Use

Magical Accessories

Chest Rings:
[Normal 50%, Double 75%, Triple 100%]


One-time Use