Weapon Details

The Spear is a very quick weapon with a long range. The downside to this weapon is that it isn't very strong. Unlike the Lance, the Spear is a one handed weapon.

Special Moves

Charge. You charge at the enemy, doing consecutive hits of 1 to your opponent. Damage depends on your charging position, time of charge, and your charge duration. Enemy size could count too. It can hit large enemies multiple times.

Standard Spears
Image Name Materials Needed Damage Title
Spear Spear

1 Oak

5 Iron

High Spear High Spear 5 Spears 3
Zoa Spear Zoa Spear 5 High Spears 4 Spearman
Zoa Spear 2 Zoa Spear 5 High Spears
1 Fin of the Reptile
4 Spearman
Giga Spear Giga Spear 5 Zoa Spears 5 Spearman
HolySpear Holy Spear 5 Giga Spears 6 Master
Paragon Spear Paragon Spear 5 Holy Spears 7 Conquering

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