In Magical Rooms, Squires are NPCs who help you fight monsters and can gain levels.


You can control up to 3 squires per room. Every day a level 1 squire will appear next to your Door III and you will have the option to recruit them. If you already have the maximum number of squires you'll need to build a new room in order to recruit the new squire (or let one of your squires die, see the section on death, below).


You can change the clothing and weapons of squires as well as their mode of fighting using the "Squires" button on the top left of your screen (next to Items). Squires use the same clothing, armor and weapons as your main character.


When a squire's health reaches zero you must revive them within 7 days or you will lose them forever. Reviving costs 4GC. A count-down timer appears on the list of squires, reminding you how much time you have left. Unconscious squires do not show up in your room, but still count toward your maximum number. (It looks like you can't get rid of a squire before the 7 days are up.)

If you don't revive a squire before the time runs out, they disappear from your list and their clothing and equipment goes into your Magical Bag for sorting.


A squire with a special occupation will do more damage against certain types of enemies. Occupations can only be changed by using Secret Book from a Chest of Secrets.

Squire occupations were added on Jan 25th 2013 - list of enemies comes from the announcement blog post, there may also be others.

Squire Occupations
Occupation Enemy Type Specific Enemies Affected
Dragonslayer dragons Wyvern, Dragon-Newt (50%), Red Dragon, Draco Chimera (25%),
Lycanthrope Hunter werewolves War Panther, Giant Wolf
Exterminator insectoids Scorpion Man (50%), Giant Beetle, Black Widow (Halloween Event)
Weed Whacker plants Dryad, Ent, Man-eater, Galgenmännlein
Exorcist demons Gargoyle, Succubus, Vapula
Chimera Hunter chimeras Chimera, Draco Chimera
Wolfhound canines Kobold (50%), Hellhound, Cerberus, Raiju, Grimm
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