Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly

Moves (?)
* No attack patterns.
Elemental Relations (?)
Neutral to all elements.
Abnormal States (?)
Susceptible to all abnormal states.
Loot Items
Powdery Scales
Dice Game Stage 4
Dice Game Stage 14
Other Information
Japanese Name: アゲハチョウ
Difficulty: Very easy
Notes: Comes in different colors.

A very common Insect. Using its long, straw like tongue, it sucks up nectar and dewdrops from flowers. In the Bird Paradise, the larvae have become poisonous as a defense against the birds that prey upon them.

Notes & Tips

  • You can attack them by aiming at their shadow.
  • It is easier to subdue this creature using a War Hammer.
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