The Merchant Nagrov

Merchant Nagrov.

These subquests are completely optional. Whether or not one chooses to complete the quests will have no impact on the storyline or oh his/her experience of the game. Some of these quests require you to give up an item.
  • Name: Nagrov
  • Location: House of Nagrov
  • Number of Quests: 89 (Currently Available: 84)
  • Overall Difficulty: Medium

Quest 1

I am a merchant named Nagrov. I gather unusual and interesting knickknacks all over the world, doing business and traveling....oops, sorry about my appearance. I actually just got attacked by a monster on my journeys. I've been using a potion I've concocted in my shop, but it doesn't seem to be healing my wounds very well. This has set me back in my business, and my trading has not been satisfactory. Can you find medicine that will heal my wounds with one drink?

Bring an Elixir.

Reward: Pearl

Quest 2

Hello, hello. You really saved me the other day. For a while I've been thinking about using Splendor Mythos as my base for work. The monster that attacked me the other day was a Troll. At that time I escaped with my reliable friend the camel. But now my old camel is exhausted. Can you find a strong medicine that could revive him?

Bring a Healing Feather Headband.

Reward: Healing Scroll

Quest 3

Hello. Trolls have attacked my partner and me. I fear I will never succeed in my work as long as the Trolls bar my way in the caves. You can recognize those hairy beasts by the excessive length of their arms. Can you subdue the accursed trolls? When 40 are subdued, it will be safe to explore their cave.

Defeat 40 Trolls in Stage 10.

Reward: Magical Rope

Quest 4

Hello. Thanks to you, my business environment has become much safer. I want to settle down and start a sturdy business as soon as I can. By the way, I heard that gardening had become quite popular now. I'm in the process of finding a rare flower. A pink flower that is very seldom seen around here. Can you find one for me?

Bring a Pink Flower.

Reward: Sleep Grass

Quest 5

Hello, how are you? Thanks to you, I now have a variety of plants and flowers. However, I'm running low on flower pots. I need to get my workers to make some new ones quickly, but the can't get started without more material for the flower pots. Can you find some good quality clay around here somewhere?

Bring Clay.

Reward: Blue Flower

Quest 6

Hello. Thanks for the other day. My business has been going very well since then. I've recently bought many flowers - some are healthy, strong flowers, but the others are not good at all. It would be very helpful to have special water for gardening. When I was traveling, I heard a story about a large water bag you can take from a certain plant that is filled with nutrients. Can you locate such water for me?

Bring a Banana Water Bag.

Reward: Slumber Needle

Quest 7

Oh, dear. I have a problem. I want the seed from the Aoba plant that we were talking about the other day. I know this may sound like an unreasonable request because you told me that the Aoba is a giant man-eating plant. It is a hard thing to ask because there is so much danger involved, but can you somehow get its seeds?

Bring a Large Plant Seed.

Reward: Paralyzing Scroll

Quest 8

Hello, hello. Because of your success, we are coming up with more work. This one is related to the theatre company. We have planned a performance featuring a wolf, and we want a costume that fit with the story. Can you get anything that resembles the head of the wolf?

Bring a Wolf Fur Hood.

Reward: Scroll of the Roadrunner

Quest 9

Hello, hello. Be sure to greet the wonderful actors in our theatre. If an actor is going to properly play the part of an animal on stage, that actor must start by observing the animal carefully. Including its disposition when asleep. I think one such weapon is called an Aqua Whip. Can you find this weapon or another weapon that puts animals to sleep?

Bring an Aqua Whip.

Reward: One Star Dice

Quest 10

Hello! The new members of our theatre group are on their way here, but lately there have been increasing numbers of jelly-like monsters, and their way is blocked. If they are delayed any longer, it will impact our schedule for the next performance. Can't you please help us?

Defeat 20 Ectoplasms in Stage 10.

Reward: Firecrackers

Quest 11

Thank you for the other day. It seems that the production is able to start on time. Oh, that's right! Listen to this. I will be on stage for the next production. My role will be a priest. The head of the theatre group invited me to join them. I'm so nervous whether I will be ok, but he insisted that I join. So, I am searching for appropriate priest's costume. Can I ask you to help me? Would you find a white priest's robe with no color that will fit me?

Bring Priest Clothes (white).

Reward: Silver Tears

Quest 12

Hi. A theatre employee has requested that I move quickly on that request. They want me to light fireworks for the performance finale. I have to have a decent amount, with a little bit extra. Can you bring me some?

Bring Fireworks.

Reward: Giant Beetle Eyes

Quest 13

Hello. The fireworks the other day really made our performance come to life. The truth is, right before we let off the fireworks, there was a little accident. Someone was burned by one of the fireworks, and we discovered that we were short of bandages, plaster, and the like. Can you please bring me some bandages and plaster?

Bring Plaster.

Reward: Fire Extinguisher

Quest 14

Hello, have you been to the Underground Kingdom? I was thinking of going there myself soon. But I've heard that Dwarf Ghosts tend to appear down there. I'm scared easily, I must admit...Could you go down there and thin their numbers a bit? Defeating 20 should be plenty.

Defeat 20 Dwarf Ghosts in Stage 12.

Reward: Blizzard Scroll

Quest 15

You know, I don't handle the heat very well.. I'm jealous of my partner, who can handle even deserts with no problem. I know there aren't many around in these parts, but snowballs should help cool me down. Have you seen any around?

Bring a Snow Ball.

Reward: Ice Needle

Quest 16

Listen to this! When I took the snowball with me to the Underground Kingdom, it promptly melted. I suppose I should have expected that. But look at this burn. The machine soldiers in the Underground Kingdom got me. At the very least, I need something that can suppress fire. I wonder if there is some sort of convenient flame suppressant that I can use?

Bring the Sand of Stars.

Reward: Gold Scale

Quest 17

Hello. Lately, I've been set on obtaining some of that ore that can only be found in the Underground Kingdom. However, I don't last long against the monsters down there. Do you think you could bring me some?

Bring a Secret Ore.

Reward: Healing Feather Headband

Quest 18

In the Underground Kingdom there is a massive golem. I'd like the opportunity to study it. If you can put it out of commission for me?

Defeat the Gigantic Golem in Stage 12.

Reward: Dragon's Talisman

Quest 19

Bring a Sleeping Potion.

Reward: Sleeping Scroll

Quest 20

You came just in time! There's still a lot of sick people! There's a ton of people with fevers that just won't go down. Do you have anything to cool their heads down? It would be great if we had ice that doesn't melt much.

Bring Ice Powder.

Reward: Frost Scythe

Quest 21

Hello, I've been wanting to stock up on burn medicine, so I was just asking everyone to help. There's a plant called aloe that is good for burns. It would really help if you could bring it in liquid form. I hear it's also good for beauty, so I am gathering a lot.

Bring Green Liquid.

Reward: Remedy

Quest 22

It's horrible. There's not many, but there's still a few people with fevers we can't get under control. It sounds like they are suffering some real bad pain. I got message that they want pain relief medicine that could somehow ease the pain. If I'm not mistaken, I think there's a plant that has that effect. Do you know about it?

Bring Hemp.

Reward: Coffee

Quest 23

Thank you for your help last time. Thanks to you, it seems like everyone has gotten better in the town. However, there's a lot to medicine, wouldn't you say? I too became really interested, and am thinking of something new. Do you know what coral is? That's right! It's that stuff that lives in the sea! I've been wondering if that can't be used for medicine. Would you bring some for me?

Bring Coral.

Reward: Dragon Tear

Quest 24

Some time has passed since it became possible to enter into the Second Level of the Cave of Trials. I heard there lurks an unusual monster in there. It's a butterfly-like creature, and its scales seem to have an extremely powerful slumber effect. We could probably make much more powerful sleeping medicine than before from it. Would you defeat one and report back?

Defeat a Dragon Butterfly in Stage 13.

Reward: White Dice

Quest 25

Sorry about last time. No surprise it's dangerous to make medicine from monsters. It would've been better to start form something safe. Do you know of a creature called a silkworm? I hear there are places that use it for medicine. If you can, would you bring me some in a chrysalis state?

Bring a Cocoon.

Reward: Holy Water

Quest 26

Thanks for the wonderful chrysalis the other day. Can you get more medicine ingredients for me this time? It has been known from the older days that in the tail of the lizard, there's a part that's good as cough medicine and a strengthening medicine. The lizard's tail seems to be especially good. Please obtain the tail. There's also a very similar but poisonous lizard out there, so be careful. This one has a red tail. It doesn't matter from which one you get the tail. Could you bring one for me?

Bring a Lizard Tail.

Reward: Frigid Pouch

Quest 27

Hey! Thanks to you I've also become quite knowledgeable about medicine. This time I'm looking at crabs! They seem to have many good effects. Would you go and defeat 30 crabs for me? I will go collect them afterwards. I'm counting on you!

Defeat 30 Giant Crabs in Stage 10.

Reward: Dark Dagger

Quest 28

Hello! This time I want a certain egg, but it does not seem that easy to get a hold of. With that in mind, I would like you to obtain that creature's youngling and bring it here. I am thinking about raising it and waiting until it gets big enough to lay eggs. And that creature is the Giant Mantis. Please bring me the Baby Mantis.

Bring a Mantis Baby.

Reward: Sleep Kunai

Quest 29

Since we've gotten pretty far with medicine, I would like to also complete our equipment goods. Lately, we haven't brought in very good material, so I think it's time to replenish our stock. So they say, there are other monsters in the Garden of Sleep that you just don't see much, right? I have been curious about the Harpy. Would you mind defeating 5 Harpies for me? I want to try and study its feathers.

Defeat 5 Harpies in Stage 14.

Reward: Candle of Darkness

Quest 30

Hello. Thank you for all that you've helped me with thus far. There are still many things I have yet to explore. This time I think I'd like to make a weapon. There is a monster that resembles a mantis. If you could defeat five of those, I think I could make a powerful weapon using their claws.

Defeat 5 Giant Mantises in Stage 14.

Reward: Venom Lance

Quest 31

Hello. About those giant monsters called the Giant Mantises. Their claws are really something. I can make some top-notch weapons with them. I'd like to collect a bunch of them. Could you bring one to me?

Bring a Sharp Scythe.

Reward: Tornado Scroll

Quest 32

Good timing! I decided on what to make with that giant claw. I'm making a scythe, and want something to model mine off of. Could you bring me any sort of scythe?

Bring a Scythe.

Reward: Flame Sword

Quest 33

From now on I'm sure to be busy making and working with weapons. You normally test the effectiveness of a weapon after buying it, right? I also wish to test the weapons I make. I want to test them on a piece of "Black Wood". Could you bring me one?

Bring Black Wood.

Reward: Black Tail

Quest 34

I've heard rumors of a certain ore that's supposed to be quite heavy. I want some of it to try crafting items with it. Could you bring me one? I hear the Dwarves in the Underground Kingdom have them.

Bring a Heavy Ore.

Reward: Thieves Key

Quest 35

Hello. That ore was quite good. I think I can make a great weapon with it. However, in order to keep working, I need a way to generate some intense heat. I think the power of a magical flame would work the best. I'd like to use the Fire Ghosts, so could I have you defeat ten of them?

Defeat 10 Fire Ghosts in Stage 10/Stage 12.

Reward: Flaming Arrow Scroll

Quest 36

It seems that the lady from the Thieves Guild has been quite busy recently. ...that she gets flooded with requests to open treasure chests these days. At this rate, she won't be able to keep up with her work. I'm not very good at unlocking chests, but the least I could do is to help her with Rucksack Expansion. Could I have you bring me some Linen?

Bring Linen.

Reward: Great Sword

Quest 37

The main reason the Thieves Guild is so busy because so many new people have come to Splendor Mythos. It seems the Magical Laboratory is taking...and running short on uniforms, and require new fabric material. Silk. Do you think you could help?

Bring Silk.

Reward: Lightning Dagger

Quest 38

Bring a Witches Broom.

Reward: Gold

Quest 39

Hello. It seems that there are some areas that didn’t get as cleaned as we would have like during the great clean-up, and it’s fallen on me to figure out what to do about it. I would like to make some soap and detergent, but lack the ingredients to do so. I need some Oil, do you think you could bring me some?

Bring Oil.

Reward: Cat Coat

Quest 40

Oh, hello! I’m sorry for the mess. In the spirit of the clean-up that happened in the main square, I’ve decided to clean up my own room as well. While I was cleaning, I happened to notice that my roof was damaged in some parts. I want to repair those areas, but I don’t have enough timber to do so. Do you think you could get some for me?

Bring Timber.

Reward: Sweet Chocolate

Quest 41

Thank you for the other day. Thanks to you my roof looks good as new. Now I don’t have to worry when it rains. Actually, my neighbor Varvara saw me repairing my roof. So Varvara asked me if I could mend the walls of her house. But there’s just not enough bricks. Could you supply us with some bricks?

Bring a Brick.

Reward: Lightning Sword

Quest 42

Hello. Somehow I’ve become like some kind of shop. I’ve gotten another request from Varvara. She’s going to treat poison, so she wants me to prepare a lot of Remedy Scrolls. Would you be willing to help?

Bring a Remedy Scroll.

Reward: Aqua Sword

Quest 43

Hello. It seems like everyone is going to some place called the Golden River lately. Have you ever been there? I have never been there, so I would like you to go there and see what kind of place it is for me. See if it’s dangerous or not for me to explore. Also, you can do it along the way, but there’s been talk of a beautiful silver fish. Would you bring a scale to me from one of those fish?

Bring Silver Fish Scales.

Reward: Dragon Liqueur

Quest 44

Hello. Just as I was thinking, it looks dangerous for me to go to the Golden River alone. But it’s no problem for you, is it? By the way, I heard that the pretty silver fish from before is edible. I would like you to bring about 5 fish to cook. Can I count on you?

Defeat 5 Barracudas in Stage 15.

Reward: Rare Cacao

Quest 45

Hello. Thank you for the other day. The Barracuda was pretty delicious. The Cave of Trials is also full of ingredients for food, isn't it? I want to try a lot of different kinds, but it's really hard for me to obtain them, so I was wondering if you would help me. There's big sheep in the Cave of Trials just when you go in, right? Everyone is using their fur as material for clothes, but I was thinking that they would probably be good to eat as well. They are pretty ferocious so I don't think I could raise them, so would you defeat 10 of them for me?

Defeat 10 Big Horned Sheeps in Stage 10.

Reward: Yellow Oil

Quest 46

Hello. This time I'm searching for mushrooms. I want to research whether mushrooms that grow in the Dark Forest can be eaten or not. Could you defeat 5 mushrooms for me? Yeah, that's right, you can't use the ones with purple tops. I hear those have a very strong poison, so please stay away from them.

Defeat 5 Fungi in Stage 11.

Reward: Magical Powder

Quest 47

Ugh... Please help me. It would appear that the mushrooms you gathered for me before were poisonous. It didn't taste bad, but after eating it, I got like this after a while. Please bring me an antidote medicine. Ugh, ugh.

Bring Remedy.

Reward: Venom Bow

Quest 48

You really saved me the other day. If you didn't come, who knows what would've happened. I've had enough of mushrooms. I think I'll search for fish. There's a fish in the Golden River that shoots out electricity, right? I've eaten a fish similar to that, I remember it being extremely delicious. I don't think it shot out electricity, but it was of a similar type so I think I can expect a similar taste. Will you defeat 5 of them for me?

Defeat 5 Electric Eels in Stage 15.

Reward: Desynthesis Stone

Quest 49

You came at a good time! The task this time should be easy for you. I want you to defeat some bats. Did you know? Bats are beautiful. It seems that there isn't that many of them, but they live in the Flower Garden of Sleep. Can you defeat 3 of them for me? Please...

Defeat 3 Bats in Stage 14.

Reward: Chimera Wing

Quest 50

Hello! There's still so many delicious things out there in the world. Have you ever eaten a reptile? I hear that they are actually really good. I want to try, so I want you to capture some lizards for me. Would you defeat 3 of them for me? Poisonous are no good. Absolutely no good.

Defeat 3 Medicine Lizards in Stage 11.

Reward: Elixir

Quest 51

Hello! The lizards last time were pretty good, so this time, I want to try a large reptile. Will you defeat some crocodiles for me? It's a little dangerous, but if it's you, there's nothing to worry about! I also want to use the leather, so please defeat 5 crocodiles.

Defeat 5 Crocodiles in Stage 15.

Reward: Alligator Hat

Quest 52

Hello! I have been called by the Ranch Guild. The number of pets available right now at the Ranch is kind of low. So they want me to capture more for them. Can my friend "name" help me with this request? For now, I would like you to take down 5 of the Fire Ghosts. You can leave them where you drop them. One of the ranchers will do the rest.

Defeat 5 Fire Ghosts in Stage 10/Stage 12.

Reward: Aqua Axe

Quest 53

Hello! Thanks for helping me out the other day. I'm getting a lot of requests from the Ranch Guild, and I don't think I can keep up my own. It seems they want Swallowtail butterflies now. Please make a note of the color of the butterfly. It seems they'd like the Swallowtail butterflies to not be yellow. If you could get 10 non-yellow Swallowtail butterflies, that'd be superb. All you have to do is defeat them. The Ranch Guild says they'll take care of the rest.

Defeat 10 non-yellow Swallowtail Butterflies in Stage 14.

Reward: Lightning Great Sword

Quest 54

Howdy! The Ranch Guild told me to thank you for your help the other day. This time around they'd like you to capture a creature for them. If you'll accept the job, the Ranch Guild wants you to capture a Silver Wolf for them.

Tame a Silver Wolf.

Reward: Silver Long Sword

Quest 55

Hello! We've got another job from the Ranch Guild. This time, they've requested the capture of a Snow Leopard. This is a creature the Ranch Guild has been unable to capture thus far, but they have full faith in your abilities. In order to capture one, you will probably need caribou meat, one of their favorite meals.

Tame a Snow Leopard.

Reward: Gold

Quest 56

Hello! We've got another job from the Ranch Guild. This time, they'd like for you to capture a Dodo. Think this'll be a piece of cake? True, the Dodo isn't an especially dangerous creature, but it's easily distracted and therefore difficult to have it stay with you. You'll have to keep its interest somehow to capture it.

Tame a Dodo.

Reward: Pink Liquid

Quest 57

Hello! We've got more work ahead of us. It seems the Ranch Guild is trying to figure out a new kind of pet to offer. They approached me, asking me if I could investigate the monsters in the Cave of Trials for them. It seems they want to investigate 20 monsters that dwell in the first level. All you have to do is defeat the monsters, and the Ranch Guild will do the rest. They did say that they weren't interested in Cave Bears of Fire Ghosts, so they will not count towards the total. They also disqualified the Fenrir, saying that it was too dangerous.

Defeat 20 monsters in Stage 10. (Excluding Fire Ghosts , Cave Bears, & Fenrir).

Reward: Deadly Venom Bag

Quest 58

Good Afternoon! We need more animals for research. In the second level of the Cave of Trials there are many beasts worth studying. The Dragon Butterfly is a marvelous creature. Although it does not matter which Monsters you take down for us, please be careful Sleipnir is not a target. Please take down 20 monsters this time.

Defeat 20 monsters in Stage 13.

Reward: Lightning Bow

Quest 59

Hello! As planned, my survey of the Cave of Trials Third Level is underway. Have you been down there yet? It seems that there are many poisonous creatures down there. Some people have already been seriously wounded because they weren't properly prepared to face the beasties in the cave. The Ranch Guild, as part of my survey, would like some of the monsters defeated. Could you defeat 30 monsters for me? This excludes any large, boss-type monsters you find.

Defeat 30 monsters in Stage 17.

Reward: Garm Fang

Quest 60

Hello! The Work I have been getting from the Ranch Guild has settled down a bit. That being said, now there is work from elsewhere that needs doing. This is a new client for me. This time, we are assisting the Blacksmith Guild. They seem to be a relatively new Guild, as I have never seen them before It seems they are in need of hammers that are not easily broken. They made it seem as if a hammer made of steel would do.

Bring a War Hammer.

Reward: Wine

Quest 61

Ahh, I was waiting for you. What is wrong, you ask? The Blacksmith Guild again. The hammer you brought us already broke, they said. I could not believe it. What are they doing to these hammers, anyways? We'll need to provide them with a replacement, and fast. If we don't get them one soon, it might be me they smash instead of my items! Please help me! I think a High Warhammer should do the trick.

Bring a High War Hammer.

Reward: Fossilizing Scroll

Quest 62

Oh, hello, It seems like I've created a terrible misunderstanding. It's about The Blacksmith Guild! When I went to give him the High Warhammer the other day, he wasn't mad at all and said "Sorry for the trouble. I wasn't expecting a replacement. It seems like I was the one jumping to conclusions. I should stop judging people by their looks. I have also caused you trouble, I'm sorry. The thing is I have another request for you. It seems that he has insufficient Desynthesis Stones, indispensable for his work. Can you get some?

Bring a Desynthesis Stone.

Reward: Star Stone

Quest 63

Hello! Today I have a fascinating proposal from the Blacksmith Guild! It spears that the commerce of weapons made out of silver has increased recently, and it seems he has enough silver weapons. So if you would bring him a Silver Long Sword now, he said he could make it a High Silver Long Sword for you, by strengthening it a bit. It seems like he took in consideration all the trouble you went through. What do you think?

Bring a Silver Long Sword.

Reward: High Silver Long Sword

Quest 64

Hello! Lately I've been completely indebted to The Blacksmith Guild, so I was thinking of sending him something to express my gratitude. Isn't there any good thank you gift? A tool for work would be good, I wonder? Come to think of it, recently, he said he was leading various researches regarding the blacksmith work. He could use some kind of holy water, to forge a sword or something. It seems like he needs a lot of Holy Water, so he'd be delighted if I bring him some. Don't you have an Holy Water?

Bring Holy Water.

Reward: Poisonous Fog Scroll

Quest 65

Hello! Thanks for the other day! I am glad I was able to clear the misunderstanding with the Blacksmith Guild. That is right! I also have to ask you something! The thing is, I got a message from a teacher, from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school I worked at. No matter how many flying broomsticks she uses, they all break, and become useless. Do you not have a good flying broomstick?

Bring a Witches Broom.

Reward: Blue Flower

Quest 66

Hello! My teacher enjoyed the flying broomstick. She was amazed it was exactly like the one she used before. I also worked at the school before. Due to the lack of workers, they have some trouble gathering materials used in classes, and they asked me for help. They need a lot of stones named the Demon Crystals for their classes, Would you help me with that?

Bring a Demon Crystal.

Reward: Holy Scroll

Quest 67

Hello! The people at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry seem to have settled a bit. It is quite troublesome to be a teacher at a school. Thank you! If there is something else, I would feel relieved if you helped me. That is right! Would you come and drink some coffee occasionally? Erm, the coffee is... Ahh, it looks like I have just ran out of coffee. Sorry, do you not have any coffee?

Bring Coffee.

Reward: Blizzard Scroll

Quest 68

Hello! Oh, yes! I had more contact coming from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have a small request. For some reason it seems this time they have arranged to have an extracurricular lesson, and they have started making the necessary preparations. Would you help them as well? Right now, they are gathering potions for the worse-case scenarios. Can you bring the High Healing Potion, if you can?

Bring an Elixir.

Reward: Wolfsbane

Quest 69

Hello! Once again, there is another request from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the preparation of the extracurricular lesson. what they are gathering now is rope. It can be used for various purposes, so they're gathering a lot of it. Would you help as well? Finding rope as resistant as possible would be good.

Bring a Magical Rope.

Reward: Lightning Mace

Quest 70

Hello! Yet another request from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has come! In a place with dangerous animals around, it is said that mashing Yellow Herbs beforehand, and spreading it over your hands and legs is effective. Would you also help by getting some Yellow Herbs

Bring Yellow Herb.

Reward: Dizziness Poison

Quest 71

Hello! This seems to be the last request for the preparations of the extracurricular lesson the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is preparing. The last item is oil. It looks like they want oil as fuel for lanterns, in case the lesson lasts until evening. Thank you!

Bring Oil.

Reward: Acid Bag

Quest 72

Hello! At last, with the tools all together, the extracurricular lesson was carried smoothly. The lesson went smoothly due to the perfect arrangement they've done, but there was a monster that infiltrated into the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at that time. It appears it was aiming the place with the least people. The teachers remaining there somehow managed to repel it, but the school was damaged here and there, and there were also injured. They want to repair the damaged spots, but they don't have enough lumber. Can you please get some?

Bring Timber.

Reward: Ent Stem

Quest 73

Hello! The damage of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is greater than it was believed. Particularly the food stock was terribly devastated. They have insufficient food. I was thinking of sending them something. Is there not something delicious the students would enjoy eating? It would also be great if it was something with a high nutritional value.

Bring Bananas.

Reward: Flame Spear

Quest 74

Hello! It seems like they have calmed down regarding the food guarantee at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They have found other damage though. This time it is with the animals. Some of the animals raised at the school, were killed in the commotion. They were also raising a couple of bats, which have all been killed. Can I ask you to go and catch some bats?

Tame a Bat.

Reward: Dragon Egg Shell

Quest 75

Hello! Thanks to you, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has also returned to normal. However there is one teacher who can't forget about the monster's attack. And she can't get any sleep. She has many nightmares during the night. I feel sorry for her, it must have been a terrible thing. If you have medicine that makes you sleep well I would like to give it to her, Would you bring one?

Bring a Sleeping Potion.

Reward: Frost Dagger

Quest 76

Hello! The classes at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have finally returned to normal, but the school's exterior still has some damaged walls. So we have discussed about repainting the walls, and I am gathering a lot of paints. A teacher specialized in medicine is mixing the paints, and it appears that he needs a bit of more red liquid, so that it suffices. Can you please prepare some red liquid?

Bring Red Liquid.

Reward: Orange Liquid

Quest 77

Hello! Thanks for the liquid the other day. I think that now they are mixing the paint. They want to finish it in one go, by making the students help with the wall painting too. But they don't have enough paint brushes. I was also planning on creating a couple of them, but I do not have the sufficient materials. I need a bit of more wool. Can you supply me with some wool?

Bring Wool.

Reward: Feather Rain Scroll

Quest 78

Hello! Thanks to you, the painting of the wall is going great. By the way, I thought it was a good chance to investigate the state of the building. The building is made entirely out of bricks, but it has gotten really old, so it is high time for some repairing. If I had new bricks, I would like repair it by rebuilding it. Can you please get some bricks somewhere?

Bring a Brick.

Reward: Aqua Lance

Quest 79

Hello! This is the final step. We have managed to pile the bricks you brought last time. The next thing left to do is to varnish the walls with a thing called lime mortar. We are gathering limestone in order to make it. Would you help us?

Bring Limestone.

Reward: Lightning Whip

Quest 80

Hello! The thing at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry seemed to have calmed down. It is been a while since I have last got the last request from guilds. Why not help them again? This time it is a request from the Barbershop Guild. His favorite pair of scissors got dull and he wonders if I cannot do something about it. He says that it is easy to use this pair of scissors and he does not want a replacement if possible. If I had a grindstone I could make it sharp again, but I cannot seem to find one. Something that could replace a grindstone would be great... I have heard before that a pair of large scorpion scissors is strong enough, and it seems like it can do just as great as a grindstone. Can you please get one?

Bring Large Scissors.

Reward: Cat Step

Quest 81

Hello! Thanks for the other day! The Barbershop Guild said he was also grateful. It seemed his work is going smoother thanks to the increased sharpness of his pair of scissors. That is right, I was asked another request. Nowadays it appears that it is really popular to dye your hair either red or orange, but it seems like he does not have sufficient dyes. He is especially lacking the orange one and he said he wants it fast. Can you please get some?

Bring Orange Liquid.

Reward: Wound Dressing

Quest 82

Hello! Listen here, you have brought me the orange liquid the other day, but there aren't too many customers who want to dye their hair orange now. Now black's popular. Tendencies change fast. The Barbershop Guild is also troubled. So can you please find some black liquid this time?

Bring Black Liquid.

Reward: Fallen Leaf Comb

Quest 83

Hello! Have you gone to have your hair cut at the Barbershop Guild's place? I recently had mine done there. Eh? It is just like before? I just had my hair arranged so you probably can't tell the difference. I have used his services so I was also thinking of giving him a present. I was thinking of giving him an instrument as a present. How about a comb? It seems that a comb made out of a bull horn is good enough. Can I ask you to get me one?

Bring Bull Horn.

Reward: Dragon Horns

Quest 84

Hello! Thanks for the other day, I had managed to create a splendid comb which Barbershop Guild enjoyed. By the way, Have you ever gone to the 4th level of the Cave of Trials? I have heard there are some monsters there that take the appearance of a human being, and wait carefully for a gap to transform themselves back and attack. Have you ever encountered them? It is said that their claws have a sleep inducing effect. I want to investigate their claws to see if they can't be used for something. Can you please get me some?

Bring a Lycan Thrope Claw.

Reward: Golden Claw

Quest 85

Bring Ptarmigan’s Feather.

Reward: Fear Great Sword

Quest 86

Bring Rubber Leather.

Reward: Yellow Oil

Quest 87

Bring Milk.

Reward: Luminous Mace

Quest 88

Bring Bananas.

Reward: Dancing Edge

Quest 89

Bring Big Fish Tail Fin.

Reward: Sealed Treasure Chest

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