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Hello peeps, I'm Blahlala, as you can call me, or just 'blah' for short. I don't overplay Puppet Guardian, but I do play enough to start editing and adding to this Wikia. I'll add a little every time I get a chance to, mostly putting the images on. I dress in Sky Clothes, and usually wield a bow or scythe, so if you see me in the game, you can always say hi :) And ask me how to play!

--- 也可以打一些中文唷~

My Magical Rooms Door Connections

  • Room 1
    • Door 1: puppygirl's Room 1
    • Door 2: Zorba's Room 1
    • Door 3: My Room 2
    • Door 4: titan99's Room 2
  • Room 2
    • Door 1: My Room 1
    • Door 2: Voidusk's Room 1
    • Door 3: King_Jaw's Room 1
    • Door 4: Christophher's Room 1

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